[note – in the spirit of preserving history, I have not edited this page since April 2006, to show what thinking on social media was like then]

Kids are on MySpace. Students on Facebook. Twentysomethings on the PS3, Wii and XBox. Thirtysomethings are blogging. Podcasts are replacing radio. IP is replacing TV. The brand is having to work harder to get through to the consumer and social media rules.

Welcome to Social Media Report, a site that gives you up to the minute intelligence on social media’s impact on business.

Every morning this site will publish the most influential articles, blogs, podcasts and discussions that impact social media, and how communicators can get the message through the noise.

What is social media? It is the convergence of traditional media and blogs, forums, podcasts, chat rooms, wikis and websites. The reader is now as powerful as the publisher, and businesses are learning how to control share of voice in a rapidly evolving media landscape.

To get the most out of this site, subscribe by RSS web feed, or by email. Alternatively you can search the archives using the site’s homepage.

Why subscribe? If you are in marketing, a company analyst, a PR advisor or a technologist, you should understand how social media is changing the way brands can communicate and control.

We must understand the changing face of social media in order to be able to manipulate it in an ethical manner. Only by adapting traditional marketing and public relations techniques can organisations participate in social media conversations.

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