Posted by: Drew B | December 28, 2006

links for 2006-12-28

  • 22 year old Kareem Amer was sent to an Egyptian prison for over a month for allegedly “defaming the president of Egypt” and “highlighting inappropriate aspects that harm the reputation of Egypt” on his blog.
  • Scott Beale got one and Long Zheng is reporting a number of other bloggers have been receiving them as well, but it seems that Microsoft is handing out brand spanking new fast Ferrari laptops loaded with Vista to influential bloggers.
  • BBC’s premier news programme, Newsnight, invited its audience to make short films with the promise that the best would make it to air. (I contrasted the effort then to CBS News’ closed and now all-but-closed-down “free speech” segments.)
  • From Spin’s January issue. YouTube, MySpace, and blogs all name-checked on first big-type page. Gawker says: “Don’t take this personally, but we’re really, really starting to hate You.”

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