Posted by: Drew B | September 2, 2006

links for 2006-09-02

  • Full page feature in FT on blogging – Is it a way for maniacs to grab their 15 minutes of fame, somewhere to hang out between jobs and just shoot the breeze, a tool of the marketing industry or a new business model for the publishing world?
  • Cover story in this week’s New Statesman – The days of genuine “citizen-generated” media may be numbered. Suddenly big business is all over the blogosphere, paying armies of willing recruits to praise products.
  • Video blogger Josh Wolf, who has been jailed since Aug. 1 for refusing to hand over footage to federal officials, was granted bail on Thursday by a federal appeals court.
  • Is RIM/BlackBerry engaging in a viral fake tech leak blogger? “RIM, I know you love how The Boy Genius has your stock above $80 per share for the first time since April. This is viral marketing at its best,” the source said in a posting on Engadget

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