Posted by: Drew B | July 12, 2006

The five social media technologies you couldn’t do without

The bloggers, web designers and programmers had a meeting in LEWIS London today to discuss some of the applications of social media technologies in a PR context. I make a point of trying to understand how all these technologies work, so I can coach clients, and of course so I can use the best technology too.

In the session, and as Jon rightly put it on his blog earlier, we decided we all have our favourites. In terms of publishing, I have run a few blogs on the big three platforms, so my favourite platforms won’t be in my top five (that would use up an all too important top-five slot!). But here’s what is:

  • Bloglines for reading my feeds, and I use BerryBloglines to read feeds on the move
  • Google Blog Search for my tracking – I use the RSS feeds that Google crunches out to track all my clients’ names, their spokespeople’s names, their products’ names… you get the picture
  • for creating posts on my Social Media Report site and for managing social media intel.
  • for creating RSS feeds on sites that don’t do it automatically – I use this for massive RSS news tracking across the media that haven’t caught up
  • Popurls to track memes and early-warning signals on news. The rumours on Popurls is often tomorrow’s news agenda, and it keeps PRs a step ahead

And I wanted to mention so many more – but thank god for Popurls, as it covers so much.

I’m hoping that Simon, Ian, Simon, Danny and Bobbie – you can tell us what you think and carry on the meme.

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